Skills for Success Job Training Program

The Rescue Mission of Utica has programs to help homeless and hurting people turn their lives around. We believe each of our guests is made in God’s image, with dignity and great potential. And we work with them compassionately to get them back on their feet. Learn More »

Your Role

You’re a person who cares about our homeless neighbors. At the Rescue Mission of Utica, we have a number of ways you can pitch in and help address the issue, including:
  1. Giving funds »
  2. Donating items »
  3. Volunteering »

Personal Testimony

I didn’t set out to become a cocaine addict. But once I decided to try it, I couldn’t put it down. There was the time I drank a bottle of bleach to end it all. Or the time I stepped out in front of an 18-wheeler. The bleach failed; the truck stopped. Maybe God wanted me alive for a reason. Read More »